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Born in 1965 in Marrakech, Morocco, Ali Chraibi began photography in 1995, after a brief introduction in the French Institute. Two years later he participated in his first photography exhibition in Marrakech where his work was immediately noticed and selected to exhibit at the first edition of the festival “Photo España” in 1998, in Madrid.
Since then he participated in many exhibitions in Africa, Europe, North America, and South America.
He has been selected in biennials and renowned festivals, such as the Contemporary African Art in Dakar, which earned him the award of “Au Sud du Sud”.
Furthermore, Ali Chraibi’s works have been shown in various museums and art centers around the world, including MuHKA in Antwerp, the ICP (International Center of Photography in New York), Miami Art Central in Florida and many more.
Very often in black and white, sensitive and humanist, with modesty and humility, his works always strive to highlight the core values.
Ali Chraibi photography has also been the subject of numerous publications.


Individual exhibitions :
September – November 2012: Hassan Badreddine “Transparency” Kandisha Gallery, Paris.
April 2011: “transhumance” Gymnasium Liestal, Liestal, Switzerland.
April 2008: “The Joconda” Gallery 127, Marrakech, Morocco.
September 2005: Bernice Siewe “Dries & Driss, Katja & Kadija, “Central Library of Groningen, Groningen (Netherlands).
– Music Theatre Stopera, Amsterdam (Netherlands) in September 2005.
– Stadsdeelkantoor Bos & Lommer Amsterdam (Netherlands), October 2005.
– Cultural Center Agdal, Rabat, under the auspices of Hassan II Foundation and Embassy of the Netherlands in November 2005.
June 2005: “The Day After” cultural center “Il Lato Azzurro” Sant ‘Erasmo, Venice, inaugurated by the Consul of Morocco in Italy.
November 2003: “Back To Modern Times”, French Institute of Rabat, Morocco.
May 2003: “Over the Water” Tadghart Gallery, Photo Month in Marrakesh, Morocco.
May 2003: “Downtown Memories” Fontaine Lalla Aouda, photography month in Marrakech, Morocco.
April 2003: “Downtown Memories” Fotografica Real Sociedad, Zaragoza, Spain.
December 2002 – January 2003: “Passage” Tour du Roy Rene (Fort St. John), Vieux Port in Marseille, France.
August 2002: “Follow fetal” Festival of Asilah, Asilah, Morocco.
May 2002: “Uchisar” gallery Bab Doukkala, photography month in Marrakech, Morocco.
January-February 2002: “transhumance” gallery Harmonia Mundi, Marseille, France.
August 1999: “transhumance” Galeries des Aéroports De Paris, France.

Collective exhibitions :
October 2014 – January 2015 : “The Contemporary Morocco” (Le Maroc Contemporain) Institut du monde Arabe, Paris .
October 2014 : Launch of the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Rabat .
October – December 2014 : “Africa Big Change Chance Challenge”, Milan .
November – December 2013 : “Regard Croisés” phot’aix 2013 festival, Tapestry Museum, Aix-en-Provence , France.
September-October 2013 : “10 Contemporary Moroccan Photographers” Marrakech Museum for photography and visual arts (MMP +), Palais Badii, Marrakech .
October 2011 : participation in Marrakech Art Fair 2011.
November 2010 : participation in Paris Photo.
July-September 2009 : Fourth edition of festival “The Lazio between Europe and the Mediterranean” Complesso del Vittoriano in Rome, Italy.
May 2009 : International Festival of Photography, Oujda, Morocco.
December 2008 : “Memories”, the 13th edition of the National Photographic Art Exhibition, gallery Bab El Kebir, Rabat – French Institute of Marrakech, Morocco, in October 2009.
December 2008 : Point & Line Gallery, Marrakech, Morocco.
May-June 2008 : “Moving Walls” School of Fine Arts in Casablanca, organized by the Open Society Institute (OSI), New York.
November 2007 : 7th international meetings of African Photography in Bamako, Mali.
– Contemporary Culture Centre of Barcelona, Spain, February-May 2009.
– Casa Africa in Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain, July to October 2009.
November-December 2006 : “Visiones Marruecos of” Las Tres Culturas Fundacion, Seville, Spain.
May-June 2006 : “Cities,” the 12th edition of the National Photographic Art Exhibition, gallery Mohamed Kacimi, Fes, Morocco.
April-June 2006 : “Estrecho 35:14” Gallery of UFCA and port of Algeciras, Spain.
April-May 2006 : “Modern Times”, Municipal Museum of Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain.
March-May 2006 : “Snap Judgments” ICP (International Center of Photography), New York – Miami Art Central, Miami, June-August 2006.
– Museo Tamayo, Mexico City, May 2007.
– National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa in October 2007.
– Memphis Brook Museum of Art, Memphis, February 2008.
– Stedejlik Museum, Amsterdam, June 2008.
March-May 2006 : “moussem” Museum of Contemporary Art of Antwerp (MUHKA), Belgium.
September-October 2005 : “transhumance”, Galerie Klein Blue Productions, New York.
October-December 2003 : “Afinidades” Villa des Arts in Casablanca.
– Ministry of Culture, Tetouan, April-May 2004.
– Town Hall of Oujda, in June 2004.
– Bathroom Agricultural Chamber, Nador, with the presence of the Consul of Spain in Nador, July 2004.
– Hassan II Pavilion, Seville (Spain), September-November 2004.
– Bathroom “La Alameda”, Malaga (Spain), December 2004 exhibition – February 2005.
– Instituto Europeo del Mediterraneo, Barcelona, Spain, in November 2005.
– Fundacion Cristobal Gabarron, Valladolid, Spain, in September 2005.
September 2003 : “Portraits”, the 11th edition of the National Salon of Photographic Art Gallery, Bab Ruach, Rabat.
– Gallery Mohamed El Fassi, Rabat, December 2005.
January-February 2003, “Modern Times,” From Central Gallery, Gent, Belgium.
August 2002 – January 2003 : “transhumance” Centro Cultural da Justica Federal de Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
– Conjuto Cultural da Caixa de Brasilia.
– Cultural Observatorion Malakoff Recife.
– Museum of Modern Art in Salvador.
June-July 2002 : “transhumance”, the “Salon of the Hundred in the street” in Cahors, France.
May 2002 : “Uchisar” Biennial of Contemporary Art in Dakar, Senegal. Prize winner “South of the South”, issued by the cultural center SAREV in Marseille, France.
October-November 2001 : “transhumance”, 4th meeting of African Photography in Bamako, Mali.
May 2000 : “transhumance” Biennial Gonesse (Val d’Oise), France.
June-July 1999 : “Paris – Casa, Moroccan suites” Couvent des Cordeliers in Paris, France.
June 1999 : “Opening”, Museum of Marrakech, Morocco.
February 1999 : winner of the National Photographic Art Exhibition organized by AMAP (Association Marocaine Photographic Art).
September 1998 : Winner of the competition “Absolutment Artist” organized by Absolut Vodka, Casablanca, Morocco.
June 1998 : “Jemaa El Fna, espacio de las palabras” International Festival Photographic Art Photo España 1998 Madrid.
– 9th edition of the “Festival Internacional de las Culturas” Pirineos Sur (Huesca), Spain, in July 2000.
– 8th International Exhibition burning and contemporary art Estampa 2000 in Madrid November 2000 edition.
– Dar Bellarj Foundation in Marrakech. Instituto Cervantes in Casablanca, Rabat, Tangier and Tetouan, in April 2001.
– European Commission in Brussels, Belgium, November 2002.
– ‘Feria del libro “(book fair) in Madrid, exhibition inaugurated by Queen Sofia From Spain, July 2003 – Fundacion Antonio Perez, Cuenca (Spain), November 2004.
December 1997 : “transhumance” gallery Bab Doukkala, Marrakech, Morocco.

Publications :
– « Back To modern times », Sirocco Editions, 2014
– « Regards Sur Azemmour » Marsam Edition, 2008
– Private n. 36, Spring 2007
– Daylight Magazine, Issue 5, 2006
– “Visiones of Marruecos” Lunwerg Editions, 2006
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